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Massage therapy is a hands-on technique that applies pressure to the body to relieve tension, improve blood flow, and enhance a person’s health and well-being. Massage can help relieve pain, promote relaxation, assist with relieving stress, and help to restore the body after strenuous activity or injury.

There are a number of different types of massage therapy. Our certified massage therapists can help determine which one is right for you.

Therapeutic Massage after injury
Chair Massage after accident

What does it involve

There are many different massage therapy techniques that are adapted to provide certain types of relief. Some techniques we use at our locations include:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can help with a variety of pain issues. Applying pressure with slow strokes can release tight muscles, break up scar tissue, and improve the alignment of tissue. This type of therapy can be particularly helpful with back pain, stiff neck, and injuries due to repetitive motion.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage focuses on specific areas to ease muscle spasms, carpal tunnel, and back pain, just to name a few. This differs from a relaxation massage, which is typically a light massage designed to help a person feel more relaxed.

Sports Massage

A sports massage can be used to target specific muscles as part of a training regimen. It can also be used after a heavy workout or major sporting event. This type of massage can help you gear up for specific athletic events, help during downtime in the middle of the competition, or restore your body after you’ve engaged in strenuous activity.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is quite popular and most well-known for relaxation benefits. This massage focuses on overall relaxation and offers great benefits to unfurl muscles, help the body release toxins naturally, and enhance flexibility and circulation.

Thai Massage

Elements of yoga, acupressure, and massage are all used to bring deep relaxation, by stretching muscles and improving alignment and posture. Those who receive a Thai massage will go through a series of yoga poses, stretching, and mindful breathing techniques.

Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves heated stones placed at specific points on the body, such as the spine, stomach, chest, face, and feet. Like a Swedish massage, this promotes a deep sense of relaxation and can be excellent for those dealing with stress and anxiety. Stone massage will also alleviate many types of aches and pains. Hot stones or cold stones may be used. This type of massage can also help boost the immune system.

Massage Therapy after injury

What does it treat

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Disk herniations
  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Stress

  • Sports injury
  • Stiffness

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