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Serving Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and Cincinnati-Erlanger area, our clinics are dedicated to bringing our patients health and well-being back to normal after an injury sustained in a motor-vehicle accident or when at work. A combination of medical care with therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation helps our patients get full care for their acute injuries at any one of our clinics. Get your injury treatment at our specialized clinics staffed with auto injury doctors and work injury doctors.

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When you visit this place, you have to know that you will meet nice and respectful people, and you will get their support and help.
Thank you so much

Patient, Injury-Care Center at Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY

The staff is great!! They all know what their doing. They treat me kindly and I’ve improved immensely since I’ve had 2 vertabrea removed from my thoracic spinal surgery. I love it here. I HIGHLY recommend this place !!

Patient, Injury-Care Center, Bowling Green, KY

Having a orthopedic doctor and therapy staff at the same location was a great convenience to have after my work injury. Not having to have to go to other offices for different specialties and having all coordinated at the same location made it easier for me to seek treatment

Patient, Injury-Care Center at Outer Loop, Louisville, KY

My boyfriend got into a bad accident. We went the next day to their clinic and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. You could tell they genuinely cared for him and want to help him recover successfully.

Patient, Injury-Care Center, Lexington, KY
happy family after injury treatment

Our Promise

Your primary care doctors trust us with your care after motor-vehicle accident or work injury. We promise to provide you comprehensive medical care as well as to document the treatment thoroughly, so that your insurance adjusters and legal representatives have complete understanding of your injury.

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