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Doctors for Auto Injury and Work Injury

Our MDs specialists in Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Rehab, Emergency Medicine and Pain Medicine provide comprehensive medical treatment alongside our Chiropractors for your auto injury or work injury. Our treatment includes providing acute pain management from injuries to shoulders, knees, wrist, whiplash, back and neck pain, and headaches. We develop a treatment plan and schedule that works for you.

An ER alternative

If your injury seems life-threatening, go the Emergency Room (ER). Otherwise, visiting an ER after your accident can be unnecessarily expensive, and after waiting for several hours, you may be seen for the one visit before being discharged to see your primary care doctor. Many primary care doctors don’t accept auto and work insurance as means for reimbursement, and most likely would refer you to a specialized clinic like ours which accepts most auto, work and health insurances. Our physicians provide you immediate care, conduct a complete analysis of your medical situation, and treat all of your medical complaints.

Crowded Emergency Room
Telemedicine by auto injury doctors


For the convenience of our patients, we offer telemedicine services.

Transportation Assistance

We realize that after an auto-injury or work-injury, severe pain or a disabled vehicle may prevent a patient in being able to see their doctor. We provide transportation assistance to qualified patients. Please call our office to see if you qualify.

Free Transportation to see auto injury doctors
Insurance to pay auto injury doctor

No upfront Costs

Patients in an auto-accident or work-injury typically don’t have to pay any upfront costs for treatment.

Our team

Alan Roth, MDOrthopedics
Dr. Roth focuses on the care of the musculoskeletal system, assessing impact of injury to muscles and bones, as well as joints, ligaments, and tendons. Dr. Roth also performs Independent Medical Exams with Impairment Rating.
Robert Byrd, MDPhysical Medicine & Rehab
As a physiatrist, Dr. Byrd uses more than 22 years of his experience in treating a wide variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Dr. Byrd is also a Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner
Clayton Barclay, MDEmergency Medicine
As an Emergency Medicine Physician/ Neurosurgery physician, Dr. Barclay provides immediate recognition, evaluation, care, stabilization, and disposition of a generally diversified population of adult and pediatric patients in response to acute illness and injury.

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